Originally founded in 1998 as Old World Granite & Stone, OWGS has grown to become the fabrication and installation shop it is today.  Specializing in unique and rare granite and stone, OWGS takes your fantasy kitchen, bathroom, and bar to reality.

We are proud to now call Frisco, TX our home and have anticipated our move from Dallas.

OWGS carries a selection of unique and rare granite and stone that enables customers to come in, see, touch, and purchase stock.

OWGS handles all fabrication in house thus ensuring customer satisfaction with every cut.


If you're building your dream home and want the best or if you're updating your current home and want the durability and beauty of natural stone, give OWGS a call.

With over 20 years of experience and knowledge, OWGS can guide you through every step of the selection, purchasing, and fabrication process.  OWGS works closely with installers to ensure every customer has a satisfactory experience and is happy with their natural stone decision.

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